Northern Star Council on Inclusivity

Post date: Apr 23, 2013 9:56:16 PM

The Northern Star Council’s Practices with Regard

to Inclusive Leadership Selection

Scouting’s commitment to its members, leaders, employees and the community with regard to ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, age and/or sexual orientation.

Northern Star Council seeks to serve all children and families within our geographic area to fulfill our mission of positive youth development and to enhance the quality of life in our communities, in partnership with a diverse and talented pool of adult volunteers.

For nearly 100 years Scouting has brought together individuals and organizations of widely different backgrounds and beliefs on behalf of young people. Northern Star Council continues this tradition on the eve of our second century, in its inclusive leadership selection practices.

  • Northern Star Council and Scouting are respectful of human differences and a diversity of beliefs. Among other values, Scouting teaches respect for the beliefs and rights of others through adherence to its Oath and Law.

  • Scouting’s most powerful role is in providing the opportunity for youth to associate with leaders, who, by example and other means, encourage positive mental, physical, moral, ethical and character development in youth, foster belief in God (leaving definitions of spirituality and/or religion to the beliefs of members and their families), and who strengthen families in their ability to raise children.

  • Northern Star Council welcomes all people who can help to further Scouting’s mission. Actions and behavior are the means by which all leaders are held to a high standard of community values.

  • Northern Star Council does not permit its organization to be used as a vehicle to promote any personal, political, social or other objective that is inconsistent with Scouting’s advocacy for children.

  • Scouting is a private organization for the purpose of maintaining the right of parents and chartered organizations to choose their own Scouting leaders, trusting them to select talented adults and to join in holding all leaders accountable for appropriate behavior.

  • Northern Star Council follows all laws and regulations dealing with employees’ rights and the fair treatment of people on any basis, and seeks to raise our communities’ children to do the same.