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Pack Specific Training

Pack Specific Training  -  The Akela Trail

Complete the steps below to become a trained leader in our Pack.  You should have a Pack Gmail Account
(issued through the webmaster) to begin this training.
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Item #DescriptionTime NeededLink to Follow
01 Akela Trail Overview 5 Minutes Akela Trail Overview 
02 Your Pack Account 05 Minutes Your Pack Account 
03 Your Pack Gmail 10 Minutes Your Pack Gmail 
03 Requirement Gmail Requirement 02 Minutes Email the Webmaster  
04 Your Calendar 10 Minutes Learning Google Calendars 
04 Requirement Calendar Requirement 05 Minutes Update Your Calendar 
05 Website News Stories 10 Minutes How News Stories Work 
05 Requirement News Story Requirement 10 Minutes Write and Post a Story 
06 Your Contacts 10 Minutes Managing Your Contacts 
06 Requirement Contact Requirement 05 Minutes Sending Group Emails 
07 Google Drive 10 Minutes Documents & Sharing 
07 Requirement Sharing Documents 05 Minutes Share a Document 
Showing 12 items