Webelos 2s at Camp Navajo

posted Jul 15, 2014, 7:05 PM by Webelos-2 Den Leader   [ updated Jul 15, 2014, 7:12 PM ]
The Webelos 2s had a great time at Camp Navajo in late June.  It was like a super-deluxe version of Camp Akela and it's all for 10 & 11 yr old Webelos 2s!

We participated in many, many activities including archery, swimming, fire and shelter building, ecology, beach volleyball, GAGA BALL(!), BB Guns, tower climbing and Boy Scouts 101.  In addition, all the scouts earned the Engineering Activity Badge and many earned either Naturalist or Showman.  During our free time, we played more GAGA BALL, carpet ball, watched them take down the ginormous American Flag and spent quality time spending our money at the trading post.

Our campsite was located in the wettest part of the camp and we squished through the mud the whole time we were there.  We also rotated dining hall duties, sang crazy songs and came up with a new original skit that we performed at the campfire on the last night (just ask your son about yellow pants!).  

What would a long weekend be without lots of pictures of the boys (and adults) having fun.  Check them out in this photo album