Webelos 2s - Getting ready for Camp Navajo

posted Jun 21, 2014, 8:50 AM by Webelos-2 Den Leader   [ updated Jun 21, 2014, 11:30 AM ]
Our new Webelos 2s will be heading off to Camp Navajo between Saturday, June 28th and Tuesday, July 1.  

Departure Time & Place
Drivers, please plan to be at St Stephens church (parking lot by cell tower) by 3:00p on Saturday, June 28th  We'll plan to depart from the church by 3:15p.
It's 2.5 hour drive to Camp Navajo, and adding in a dinner stop in Rice Lake, WI, that'll put us there at 6:30p.  No dinner is served at the camp that night.  Snacks in the car and small snacks for camp (kept in plastic storage containers you and your son were provided and stored in bear box) are OK.  We'll have a den campfire on Saturday and Sunday nights, so if you want to bring s'mores making materials, please email me asap.
How to get to Camp Navajo
See attached map.  We'll be following it when we leave St Stephens.  If you have a GPS, address is -- N1910 Scout Road, Birchwood, WI
Check-in / Check-out Times at Camp Navajo / Parking 
Check-in is between 6:00p - 7:30p on Saturday.  I'll have all the health forms.  For safety, all vehicles will park in designated lots (we'll carry our stuff into camp) and all campers will wear wristbands.  Checkout starts at 12:00p on Tuesday - will be home later afternoon on Tuesday after visiting Boy Scout Camp.  Asking that drivers take all passengers directly home.
I've attached the Navajo gear guide/packing list. 
In addition, adults may want to bring a pocketknife, lantern, camp chair, rope, tarps, sleep mask, ear plugs, snacks to share, campfire goodies, soccer/football, etc... 
Boys will share 2-person, canvas platform tents with metal cots and mattresses (similar to Camp Akela).  Adults can also share canvas tents or bring their own. 
Buddy System
In effect at all times.  Boys must take a buddy to all activities.
Bring non-aerosol bug spray/wipes.  May want to consider mosquito netting if you use the canvas tents. 
All meals will be served in the dining hall starting Sunday morning.  Boys will set up and bus tables. Need to know special diets - please contact me.  No mess kit is needed.
Drink Water
It is incredibly important that you and your son remain hydrated while at camp.  Each of you must bring a water bottle.  We will stop for water breaks and each participant will be asked to drink water so we can ensure that everyone remains hydrated.
Black Bear Education
Think prevention. Each camper (scouts and adults) must bring the plastic storage container I provided with their name taped on it for storing all snacks and personal products in the provided bear box in each campsite.  Any other smellable items must be stored in vehicles.
There are showers available in the main Central Service lodge & Dining Hall - separated by men, women and boys under 18.
Trading Post & Money
Usual snacks, but also crafts ($5-$10) and souvenirs/clothing ($5-$30).  They also take Visa/Mastercard.  No snacks may be stored or consumed in tents!  Snacks in campsite bear boxes only.  Boys will need money for dinner going up and any items from the trading post while in camp.  Recommend $20-$30.
Program Rotations
Aquatics - swimming/swim platform/water games/boating.  For those who needs swim tests - they will be administered at this rotation.  Canoes are limited to "swimmer" classification - otherwise rowboats.
Scoutcraft - Boy Scout knot tying, pioneering and wood tools.  20-ft climbing tower.
Ecology - Up-close with insects, snakes and frogs. Nature trail through 3 ecosystems - forest, marsh and prairies.
Shooting Sports - BB guns and archery.  
Evening program - revisit any rotation area or hike to and climb the 100-ft fire tower.
Afternoon Break time - most rotation areas closed, but volleyball, mini-golf and ultimate disc are available, including fire tower, Trading Post, possible visit to Bison Ranch or using the trail system.
Flag Ceremonies - 1st morning and last evening.  Huge 20'x30' flag raised on 125-ft tall flag pole. Campers taught about flag ceremony.
Campfire - we'll perform a skit/song or cheer and lots more fun!
Visit to Boy Scout Camp - we'll visit Troop 248 at their own sub-camp on Tuesday after lunch - just before departure for home.
Boys will have a chance to sign up to earn TWO activity badges or belt loops while at camp.  I'll bring a sheet with recommendations based on what your son has already achieved. I've highlighted those that you might want to consider.

Activity Badges available: AquanautAthleteEngineer, Fitness, Forester, Geologist, Naturalist, Showman or Sportsman
Belt Loops available: Astronomy, Archery & BB-Gun Shooting (automatically earned at shooting sports), Fishing (adults need WI fishing license), Chess, Hiking or Map & Compass.
Camp Telephone Number & Cell Phone coverage
715-354-3841 - for emergency situations only
AT&T & Verizon have good coverage at camp.  TMobile is 2G and Sprint is roaming.  No power outlets in campsite for recharging, but they do have outlets at the dining hall so bring a charger.
Webelos-2 Den Leader,
Jun 21, 2014, 11:29 AM