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November & December meetings

posted Nov 18, 2013, 2:13 PM by Wolf Den
Hi everyone,
Tomorrow night 11/19 is a pack meeting.  It is the Wolf Den's turn to do the flag ceremony.  And we will have two wolf scouts getting their Bobcat badges. 
11/19, 6:30 pm at St. Stephen's. 
NO climbing on the radiators or running in the halls at pack meetings.  Please help your son to be respectful of the church property.  Thanks!
Other dates in November and December to mark on your calendar are:
    November 24, Sunday:    Wreath pickup @ the Cunningham home.
    December 3, Tuesday:  Den Meeting.  Tour of Mendota Heights Police Station.  Donuts may be involved.
    December 17, Tuesday:  Den Meeting.  Requirement 6C:  Share your collection.  Please do 6B (make a collection) BEFORE this meeting.
No pack meeting in December.
*******Work on the Wolf Requirements with your scout!*******
We are covering some requirements in meetings, but many of them are to do at home with family.  Attached is a list of all the requirements and whether they are planned to be done at a meeting or not.  We may cover some of the home ones at meetings, but many of the home activities can really only be done at home. 
Some low hanging fruit:  #1 Feats of Skills if you missed that meeting, #4 a-e home safety discussion topics, 8cde (we did a and b at a meeting already), #10 Family Fun.
For #5 working with tools, I am planning to set up a group visit to Home Depot for one of their kids project sessions in Jan or Feb.  These are usually on a Saturday morning. Please let me know if this does NOT work for your family (i.e. due to hockey, work schedules, or other...).
NOTE:  If you have special talents or interests and would like to lead (or help plan / organize) a meeting please let me know!  I and the other parents will help you, we just need your special expertise and ideas.  The boys will love it.  It does not have to be part of the requirements - just fun and interesting.  The boys will love it.